Céu pouco nublado
Vento13kn NW
Visibilidade10 km
Pressão Atmosférica1019 hPa



Once an important fishing village, it has grown not only geographically but also increased the quality of life of its population. The Square Soeiro Pereira Gomes, the parish church high above as well as the narrow streets and alleys are reminiscent of the Arab medina’s and  a part of  the major sights of this city.


N 38°55’41.38″
W 9° 0’18.06″


VHF – Chanel 9


9h00 – 12h30
13h30 – 17h00


11 nautical miles by Cala das Barcas.


Tel.: 21/9500005
Fax 21/9500005
Tlm.: 96 547 83 43
Tlm.: 91 288 86 96

Email: asc.nautica@gmail.com

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